New business cards!

You may have noticed that the blog and my social media sites have had a re branding lately.  I have been working very hard to update the blog and give it a cleaner look, and tie in my social media sites with it.  I am really pleased with my new blog header and logo and really love the new branding.

As I have re branded I was therefore in the need of some new business cards.  I saw Impakt - Colour Core luxury business cards and knew instantly they were the ones for me.  Impakt colour core business cards are available from Aura Print, who are well known for their print quality.  The range of business cards are heavyweight and have a choice of 15 different coloured cores.  I want my business cards to stand out, and not only look fantastic but feel fantastic, Impakt was certainly the choice for me.

The ordering process was quick and simple, I uploaded my own artwork and then received a proof to check I was happy before they were printed.  You can however ask the team at Aura Print to help design your cards or even email your artwork across to them.  Once ordered you are kept informed of each stage of the printing process, right through to delivery.  This is great customer service as you always know where your order is and what is happening.

I love the packaging my Impakt cards arrived in, a bright pink box. 

business cards

At 800gsm the business cards are lovely and thick and simply ooze quality.  The print finish is fantastic and I am really pleased with them.  I love the colour core and feel it really edges the card well so as to make it feel complete.  

The issue I have now is that I like my business cards from Aura Print a little too much and do not want to hand them out!

Once baby has arrived I will be attending my next event and I am going to have to bite the bullet and hand out my fantastic new business cards.  I will be able to hand them out with pride and make a fantastic first impression, thanks to Aura Print.

Thank you Aura Print for sending my new business cards to me.  The business cards were sent in exchange for this review, all words are my own opinion. 

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