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With it cold and very windy outside my youngest daughter simply wanted to take it easy.  We try to do an activity together on an afternoon after school but she was too tired.  On days like this she simply wants to play games on the computer or watch films and have a cuddle.  I try to still make these days as fun as possible for her, as we all need some down time.

When she does play on the computer I like her to play games with some form of educational value.  They need to be fun to grab her attention and keep her interest.  Games which she can interact with work best.

daughter playing kidoland app

KidloLand is an app which has a subscription of £27.99 a year and is popular with both British and American parents.  We were sent a code to try KidloLand out for free and find out exactly what you get for your yearly subscription.

The answer is a lot.  There are nursery rhymes, activities, songs, numbers and much more.  In fact pretty much everything your preschool child would need.  There are actually over 190 different interactive songs and nursery rhymes to choose from.  My iPad did not have the space required to download all the parts so downloaded sections.  Once we had played with these I then downloaded some more.  This means you can keep the game fresh and interesting.  In 2016 there will be an addition of over 500 new songs.  The app is continually growing, ensuring you get value for money.

With this constant update my daughter feels she is getting a new game each time and so it keeps her interest.  It is a great app for entertaining those of a preschool age and is simple enough to use that they can do so without supervision.  

KidloLand is giving away a 6 month subscription worth £17.49 to 3 lucky winners.  Simply follow the instructions on the widget, which contains full terms and conditions and the closing date.  Good luck


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