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The girls seem to have at least one birthday party to attend every weekend at the moment.  In fact it has become such a regular occurrence that my youngest now asks whose birthday it will be in the morning.  Birthday parties seem to now be factored into our weekend routine, and whilst it is not a bad thing, the added pressure of the card and present can become overwhelming.

How much thought do we actually put into the card and the present?  The present I am guessing more than the card.  I spend ages trying to choose something that that person will like, which can be difficult when buying for a child in your daughters class who you have no idea what they even look like, let alone their likes and dislikes.

I also find buying a card rather tricky, as there is often limited choice and the recipient often gets the same card several times.  Which is something I am not too keen on.  I like the card to be unique in the same way as the present.  I like the card to show some thought and often feel that cards can be a waste of money when we simply select one for the sake of it.

Cardooo cards are completely different and unique, in fact I think they are a wonderful idea.  Each card contains a mini activity book featuring games, puzzles, stickers, colouring in and more.  They are bright, colourful and beautifully illustrated.  Creating not only a unique card but also a mini gift.  I love that they have a dual purpose and as a result are less likely to go to waste.  

Cardoo cards

The Cardooo cards fold out to reveal different activities and after all the party hype are a great way to help the birthday child unwind.  The activities appear to be tailored to the child's age which is a lovely thing to see and some of the activities can be done independently whilst others can be done together.

Cardooo have a great range of designs and will soon be launching a new fairy tale range.  This would be something that would delight both of my girls.  Along with birthday cards there are also get well soon cards.

Cardooo are offering 1 lucky reader the chance to win a selection of 5 cards.  The cards are subject to availability and full terms and conditions can be found on the widget below.  

Cardooo cards bundle

Cardooo cards

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  1. Wow - fab idea! They would be great to send through the post instead of having to go to the Post Office to send a parcel.

  2. Wow, Looks great. Thank you for sharing with us :)

  3. Wow how cool, they look amazing.

  4. What a fun idea, really different


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