Review : Num Noms

Introducing Num Noms, the recipe for mischief 

Num Noms are the latest collectibles to the UK.  A Num is a cute colourful, squidgy cap.  Each one has a different character and a different scent.

Then there are the Noms.  These are either motorised or lip gloss and each also has a scent.  You take a Num and add a Nom and create a whole new flavour.  They even come with a bowl or cone to put them in, and a spoon to pretend to eat them.

There are limited edition ones to collect too, In series 1 there are over 65 Num Noms to make over 1000 combinations, and each pack comes with recipe ideas.

The girls have had lots of fun with Num Noms, creating different scents.  My eldest does think most combinations smell like strawberry but I can smell a difference between them.  Num Noms are great fun and addictive to collect.

You can start your Num Noms collection by entering to win a deluxe set and 2 mystery pots.  Simply follow the instructions on the widget below and Good luck

Num Noms
The pack featured was sent for review, all words are my own opinion

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