National Children's Craft Day

The 14th March is  National Children's Craft Day.  The girls and I love to be creative and do craft activities together.  Taking part in crafts is a great way for us to use our imaginations and to spend time together.

Whilst we often just use our imagination to build things sometimes it can be really great to have kit to make.  The Natural History museum have a great selection of craft kits available ready for National Children's craft day.  

One of these kits is to build a butterfly mobile.  The kit contains everything you need, except scissors, and even includes a book to tell you all about the different species of butterflies.

My youngest began sticking the butterflies onto the ribbons to make the mobile

The girls were really good and shared the glue with each other.  My eldest preferred the plain butterflies and my youngest the pattern ones. 

It was really easy for both girls to do, but they took their time and really enjoyed making the butterfly mobile

The kit was simple to follow and gave the girls a lot of fun to make the mobile.  We could even use the handy guide to talk about the different butterflies on our mobile.

We will be ordering another kit from the Natural History museum for National Children's Craft day, they are a lot of fun and a great way to encourage imagination and creativity in children.

Thanks to the Natural History museum for sending the kit to us in exchange for review.  All words are my own opinion 

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