Newborn must haves

The first month with Thing 3 is almost here and with it we have discovered some must have items.  These are things we probably would not have thought about buying or things that have made our lives a little easier this past month.

Perfect Prep - Tommee Tippee

I tried to breastfeed baby at birth but for whatever reason baby could not or would not take.  Instead when given a bottle they drank most of it.  The decision to formula feed was therefore made by baby and we are happy and comfortable with it.  

Having never bottle fed before I was worried about making up feeds and how to do it, but the perfect prep machine from Tommee Tippee has taken all this away.  It is so quick and simple to use, that is has been an absolute life saver.  

Simply keep the unit topped with cold water and press a button when you need a bottle making up.  The water is controlled so it comes out at the right temperature and the initial hot shot kills any bacteria that could be living in the powder.  It works with any bottle and any formula which is even better.  We even take the Perfect Prep upstairs at night for the night feeds.  

Thing 3 has learnt the beeps that the machine makes when the milk is ready and starts to root looking for their bottle.  If you plan on using formula milk than you really need a Perfect Prep.


The first time we bathed Thing 3 resulted in the following

I think Thing 3 felt exposed and got a little scared in the bath.  I think that's part of the problem with traditional baby baths, the baby gets a little lost in them.  I was struggling too, as the bath was too heavy for me to lift to empty.

The Shnuggle is amazing and a must have baby bath.  It is smaller than a traditional bath and when full has 2 litres of water, take care to fill to the max line.   There is a little bum bump inside to support baby and stop them slipping.  The back has an ergonomic shape and non slip foam colour back.

Thing 3 is much more relaxed in this bath and feels much more secure.  It makes bath time much more enjoyable and a fun experience.  I can also lift the bath afterwards to empty it.  I love that even at this newborn stage I only need one hand to support Thing 3 and that the Shnuggle will last them for 12 months.

We also have the stand for our shnuggle.  This means I can bath baby standing up and is perfect for those times when my back really hurts.  The stand also is a great place to store the shnuggle when not in use.

Ewan the dream sheep

We have written lots of post about Ewan.  We bought my eldest one before she was born, and another for my youngest.  Baby now has my eldest Ewan.  Ewan is a cuddly sheep who plays four different sounds and pink noise.  He is simply fantastic at calming babies and helping them to settle.  We would not be without Ewan and you can read more here


I am a firm believer that car seats should stay in the car and that when a journey ends baby should be taken out of the car seat.  The Snugglebundl is a blanket which can be used to transport baby.  Thing 3 is wrapped in the blanket and transported to the car.  The harness goes over Thing 3 and the blanket over the harness.  When we arrive at our destination we can use the handles on the Snugglebundl to pick up Thing 3 without disturbing them.

The Snugglebundl has proved perfect for me.  As I tore my abdominal muscles during pregnancy lifting anything can be painful.  The Snugglebundl had made lifting thing 3 really easy and I can see how it would help someone who is recovering from a C section.

The Snugglebundl can also be used in the pushchair.  We had to attend a hospital appointment for Thing 3 and could not take the pushchair, rather than disturb thing 3 we simply lifted the Snugglebundl and carried them inside.  Thing 3 stayed lovely and warm even with the snow that was falling outside.

We absolutely love the Snugglebundl it makes transporting and moving a baby so much easier.

Some items in this post we have bought and others have been sent to us, however all words are my own personal opinion 

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