A bit of normality

I feel like a little bit of normality is starting to return.  

The girls are currently on to their second, and final, week of their Easter holidays.  Last week I tried to do as much as possible with them in order for them to feel as if things had not changed.  They had a day playing at Grandmas and a day at home playing.  We ventured to soft play with friends and had a day at the cinema with Pizza hut for lunch.  We even visited the local park with more friends and rode the Easter fairground rides.

We had our Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday along with eating chocolate and plenty of colouring.  The afternoon was spent with Grandma and Grandad

 Easter Monday with rubbish weather meant we stayed indoors to play, but today came the biggest part of feeling normal.  We went to the supermarket!  

It might sound silly but I had been dreading going to the supermarket with baby and the girls.  It actually went fine.  Baby slept the entire time and the girls were really helpful.  

I am starting to feel as if a little bit of normality is returning.  It might take us most of the morning to get ready but at least we are getting out and doing things.  The next challenge will be to do the morning school run, I am really not looking forward to that!

This day I love a bit of normality 

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