Review : Japanese nappies

When Baby was born we decided to start using disposable nappies, then using a combination of disposable and washable.  We opted for Moony nappies to start with.  They have a special groove cut for the naval area, which meant there was less irritation to the umbilical cord and less rubbing.  

Each Moony nappy had a fun design featuring Winnie the Pooh and are suitable for both boys and girls.  Moony nappies were great at handling everything a newborn could throw at them, right from birth and we had no leaks whilst using them.

Moony nappies are really simple to use and the sticky tabs stay in place.  The nappies have no chemical smells and have caused no irritation to a newborns delicate skin.

Moony nappies were sent to us for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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