Week 2 and Week 3 update

The weeks seem to be flying past!

I have been trying to get out and about more these past few weeks and try to return things back to normal for the girls.  The first of this was to do the school run.  

It was hard work for me at first but I am now able to walk the journey into school.  After Easter I am hoping to be able to do both the drop off in the morning and the pick up.

Baby has started to become a little unsettled at night, particularly between 1am and 6am.  They seem to be suffering with trapped wind.  It would appear that the best way to help with the pain this causes is skin to skin, and I am not in anyway complaining by this.

Of course all this night time wakening has meant a lot of tired mornings.  We spend our mornings asleep before my youngest comes home from school.

My sister came home this week, and she finally got to meet baby.  

Baby also got weighed this week and is down to just under 7lbs.  

All through my pregnancy I was told baby would be big and so we cannot believe how small Baby is.  In fact about the size of a chocolate bar.

Baby also seems to have taken a liking to be curled up and over a shoulder.  Much preferring to be curled than laid down.  Any excuse for squidgy cuddles.

The girls absolutely adore their baby and take any opportunity to help or hold.  My eldest loves to help fed baby and is really protective.

We had been washing baby with cotton wool and water, instead of bathing but decided this week to do the first proper bath.  It did not go down well.

My youngest has been poorly this week, which has also meant a very snuffly baby.  Although my youngest does seem to pick up with medicine. 

One of my favourite parts of this week was our newborn photography shoot with Vanessa White Photography.   She was absolutely fantastic with Baby, and took her time in photographing.  There are some absolutely stunning photos but this one is my favourite.

These past few days Baby has also started to be become a lot more alert and opening their eyes for much longer periods.  Although this does seem to be more in the early hours of the morning.

Baby has now been registered at the town hall and the library.  They attended their first birthday party and came with me to my physio appointment.  The midwife discharged us and so we are now in the care of the health visitor.  

The health visitor weighed baby again and this time was 7lb4, so are slowly regaining their birth weight.  

The weekend saw us make our first big outing and we visited the Sealife centre in Manchester.  Baby was fascinated by all the fish and the lights.

I am starting to notice changes, the hands no longer seem to be in a fist as often as they were.  Babies face is slowly changing and I think the skinny legs are slowly filling out.

Baby seems to be happy and content, and is now beginning to take notice to their surroundings. 

It is now Easter holidays for the girls and we are trying to get out as much as possible as a family.  Baby is responding to the sounds of their sisters voices and enjoys listening to them to talk.  

I cannot quite believe that this little baby is almost a month old! 

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