A cute little bunny

Thing 3 was a little too young for chocolate at Easter but we still wanted to celebrate his first Easter.  We could think of no better way than with a gorgeous new Romper suit and vest from Bambini & Me .  Bambini & Me clothes and products are ethically sourced and created with love.

Bambini & Me offer a range of gorgeous eye catching designs, but as it was Easter the rabbit print was our choice.

As the vest and Romper suit are made from 100% pre-washed bamboo rayon mix they are incredibly soft to touch.  This makes them perfect for newborn skin.  They are incredibly cuddly with these suits on, more so that normal.  The items wash really well, holding the size and shape, and dry time is quick which is an added bonus.

In addition to the romper suit and vest I could not resist the swaddling blanket.  This has the same feel as a Muslin square, only it is really big [120cmx120cm].  Perfect for a light blanket, to swaddle in or even to use as a Muslin square. 

All the products from Bambini & Me come in beautiful packaging and would make a wonderful present.  I will be making a purchase later in the year for another suit once Thing 3 has outgrown the rabbits.

Bambini & Me provided the products mentioned in exchange for a review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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