New toys from Brio

I remember as a child visiting a certain shop in our local town where they had a Brio train set that was set out ready to play.  The track had lots of junctions and turns and there were lots of trains set out for numerous kids to play.  I used to love playing with those trains and always wanted a Brio wooden train set for my very own.

Baby has been a very lucky boy and been sent 3 new toys from Brio.  He is a little young to play with them at the moment, so his sisters and I have been putting them to the test.  

The Classic Sampo 

This is a classic wooden push toy.  Baby is growing up with 2 dogs and I can already see them having a strong bond.  By pressing the button on the base of this wooden toy, dictates which direction the dog will move.  Certain points more different places such as the head, legs and tail.  The girls find this rather funny and like to press the button to make the dog fall over.  We are working on learning which area controls which part of the dog so we can perform tricks such as sit or bow.  The colours on the classic Sampo are such that baby can currently focus on them and the girls love to interact with him and show him the dog doing tricks.  The RRP for the Classic Sampo is £9.99.

My First Railway Battery Train Set 

I think I am incredibly excited for the my first railway battery train set.  The box gives ideas for two layouts, but the limit is your imagination and the number of pieces.  There is a great selection of pieces and one of my favourite is the elevated supports.  The track simply clicks into play which means you can build bridges and ramps with ease.  

The colours are really bright and appealing to young children and the build quality is fantastic.  The magic magnets allow connection in any direction.  You can connect any magnetic Brio trains together and the train will pull along a total of 5 extra components [it may do more but I ran out at 5].

The train is operated by pressing down on it, which is perfect for younger children as there is no button to press.  In order to start and stop the train the train must be on a flat surface.  The train is also bright coloured and features a spinning wheel.  Baby loves watching the train go past

Whilst the age on the box is from 18 months, baby is fully supervised during play and I am loving playing with the trains as he watches.  The set is really built to last and will be played with for many years.  The RRP is £39.99.

Fun Park Clown Train

This is a colourful, playful train.  It can be used with the play fun at the Fun Park but the girls like to connect it to the above mentioned railway.  The Fun Park Clown train has an engine, wooden wagon loaded with balloons, a passenger wagon and an exclusive clown figure.  

The Fun Park Clown train fits on our existing Brio track and uses magnets to connect together.  It will also connect to the battery operated train.  I love that you can use your existing track and everything it interchangeable.

The colours are once again really bright and we feel really built to last.  I cannot wait to play with baby with the train.

The RRP is £15.99.

The Brio Classic Sampo, My First Battery Train and Fun Park Clown Train were sent for review all words are my own opinion 

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