Jet2Holidays #jet2sunchester

I wish I was going on a Jet2holiday
Going somewhere sunny, and not sat here in the rain

I wish I was on board a jet2 aeroplane
Travelling to Malta, Tenerife or Spain

I wish it was nice and warm and sunny
so I could dance the night away and act all funny

I wish we could visit Mallorca
to go to Spain's biggest indoor soft play

I wish the girls could have fun at Loro Parque
playing all day up until it gets dark

Instead I went to rainy Manchester
to attend #jet2sunchester

And although the weather outside was grim
Inside was bursting with fun up to the brim

Plenty of colour and places to explore
Massages, Face painting and a whole lot more

Safe to say I am inspired to go away
Wishing I could go on a Jet2 holiday

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