Making the most of the sun

We had a rather busy weekend.  My youngest daughter has had a growth spurt and is now the same size as her sister, which means we needed to do a wardrobe tidy out.  I always love a good sort out and the girls seemed to enjoy sorting through their clothes too.  

This then obviously meant we needed to go shopping there and then.  A 3 year old simply cannot wait until Monday to go shopping.  We ventured out and luckily managed to find the things the girls needed.  My eldest had been complaining her school shoes did not fit so we also went shopping for shoes, and yes the girls also have the same size feet!

After we had done homework, spellings and reading we decided to make the most of the time remaining and spend it out in the garden.  The girls decided to get the see-saw out and had fun playing with it on the lawn. 

After quite some time they wanted to do something else and sat pondering what else they could play with.

In the meantime the dogs were having their own adventure.  I have no idea what they had found but it was clearly under the plant pot. 

The girls finally made a decision and spent the rest of the evening playing on the trampoline

This day I love making the most of the sun

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