Review : Kiddy evolution pro 2

Whilst our car has three full seats in the back, some infant car seats are slightly wider than these passenger seats meaning it is not always possible to fit three seats in the back.  My middle seat has no isofix points and my outer two seats have underfloor storage compartments.  This means I cannot use any isofix seat which uses the anchor leg.  I therefore had to find a car seat for baby that would fit with the seats the girls already own and if using Isofix it must not have the support leg.

One of my main requirements for a car seat for baby was that it must have the ability to lie flat.  I am very aware of the 90 minute rule in car seats, and that babies should be removed from car seats at the end of a journey.  I wanted to ensure that baby would be in the optimum position in the car and that is to lie flat.  My choices therefore were slightly limited.  However, lucky for me one of my favourite car seat brands not only matched my requirements but also fitted in the car.

The Kiddy evolutionpro 2 can be either isofix or 3 point seat belt fastened.  We therefore opted for seat belt and it fitted on the back seats with the existing car seats.  There was a range of gorgeous colours available and we went for blue.

I have been really impressed at how easy the Kiddy evolution pro 2 is to fit in the car.  The lap belt fits in the seat belt guides and the diagonal belt slots in round the back.

This back part also stores the instruction manual should you need it.  There is a clever safety feature that if the handle is in the wrong position the lap belt guide is blocked, so you cannot fasten the seat in incorrect.  I love these simple touches as a car seat is useless if not fitted correctly and this helps to make it easy to install.  The handle is how you make the seat lie flat, but it cannot be lie flat in the car with seat belt installation.  

I have not tested the car seat on stroller wheels, but understand it is travel system compatible.  There are also accessories such as parasol and premature baby inlay but I have not used these.

Other than the lie flat functionality my other favourite feature is how padded the seat is.  There is great side impact protection and the harness is padded too.  The seat feels incredibly comfy, I have been trying to think how to describe the padding on the seat but have struggled.  It feels protective.

The three point harness can easily be adjusted with a simple press and release button located at the front of the seat.

Overall I have been really impressed with the Kiddy evolution pro2.  It is quick and easy to install in the car and it feels incredibly comfy and protective.  Baby seems to really like it too!

Kiddy sent us the car seat in exchange for review.  All words are my own opinion 

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