Review : Slumbersac

Slumbersac sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton and are extremely cuddly.  I love how cuddly baby is when he is in the Slumbersac, he feels very warm and cosy.  Slumbersac are available in different tog ratings, similar to a duvet, so you can select what is best for your use.

We have a travel Slumbersac which means it can be used with a harness.  There is a special pocket on the back of the Slumbersac for the buckle to slot through and as the zips can fasten both ways the harness can then be fed through.

Baby can then travel in the pushchair and keep warm in the Slumbersac.  The top part of the zip is covered so it does not irritate babies neck.  I also like that there is room near the neck so that it is not too tight, yet it is tight enough to stop baby slipping down inside the sleeping bag. 

Baby is incredibly comfortable in their Slumbersac.  It is perfect for travelling at night, as once you arrive at your destination baby can be put straight into their bed without disturbing them.  

There are lots of great safety features on the Slumbersac, including poppers under the arms to prevent baby slipping underneath.  Baby also maintains a constant temperature as they cannot kick off the sleeping bag in the night, and the danger of them getting covered by a blanket is removed.  They also remain warm when feeding, so do not get that shock when placing them back into bed.

It is also possible to change baby whilst still in the Slumbersac as the zips open both ways.  

Baby really loves their Slumbersac, and as we have a travel Slumbersac it is perfect for both at home and out and about too!

I am also pleased to offer a 10% discount on Slumbersac, enter this code on the website NK18.

We were sent the product for review, all words are my own opinion 

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