Turning travel into an adventure

If you have ever travelled abroad with children, in particular young children, you will appreciate the challenge that is juggling children and their luggage.  They start off wanting to do it themselves then by the time you check in they have had enough.  They become tired and fed up and just want to get on the plane to go on holiday.  

Flyte have come up with a really clever solution.

The cases featured in the video are the mini-flyte and midi-flyte.  The mini has a 21 litre capacity and the midi 25litre.  Both are cabin approved.  The mini is for 2-4 year olds and the midi 4 - 8 year old.  Both have hard external cases to protect the items inside and both transform into a scooter.

It is this that is such a great feature.  It becomes easy to entertain the kids.  They can scoot around the airport and right up to the gate before having to board.  The foot plate then folds away neatly into the case.  Alternatively you can extend the scooter handles only and push or pull the case with ease.  The cases are light enough that the girls can both pick them up.  

The cases are great for day trips were the girls might want to take a few items with them, or even for trips to the park for a picnic

 The footplates are really strong and sturdy giving the girls plenty of stability.  

There is plenty of room for growth for both girls.  The handle simply slides down into place.  Inside the cases there is plenty of room for all your belongings that you need.

This is such a great idea from flyte and we have had lots of adults interested in a case for them.  The Maxi is due to be launched later in the year for older children

Thanks to flyte for providing the ideals in theis review  All words are my own opinion. 

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