8 weeks

It still feels like yesterday that baby boy made his rather dramatic entrance into the world, yet it was 8 weeks ago.  8 whole weeks as a family of five, adjusting and adapting.  8 weeks of trying to find our new normal on very little sleep.  8 whole weeks.

In other ways it feels like baby has always been here.  He has slotted into our routine of school runs, after school clubs and various weekend activities.  He naps around each of them and is awake and playful otherwise.  He no longer has his days and nights mixed up, and in some strange way I miss our 1am stares, as we would just look at each other working each other out and taking everything in.  It was just me and him.

Secretly I think he looks forward to mornings, when it is just the two of us.  His big sisters at school and the house much quieter.  We play, chat and giggle.  His smile is infectious, a huge smile that makes his whole face light up and makes my heart melt every time.  A wonderful little giggle and gorgeous coo noises, he is a happy baby.  What used to be one long nap is now play time just the two of us, before napping just in time to pick up my youngest daughter from school.

He is now sleeping for longer periods at night, often missing his 2am feed and sleeping from 10pm until 5/6am.  That is of course if he is in contact with me.  He has gone from wanting to lie curled up on my chest to wanting to sleep with me touching his face and holding him so he can stretch his legs.  I love that even at 8 weeks old he has likes and dislikes.

We are still on regular weight checks with the health visitor as he is not putting on enough weight, although drinking plenty during a 24hour period.  We shall see what next week holds at his next review.  Today he was incredibly brave with his vaccinations, although I was less so.

We are all looking forward to the next 8 weeks and watching my little boy grow. 

This day I love 8 weeks

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