Update Week 4 and 5

I have fallen a little bit behind with my updates on Thing 3.  A sign of tiredness.

Week 4 was the second week of our school holidays.  Thing 3 loves to be held, a really cuddly boy and their favourite place is listening to my heart beating.  I cannot complain, even at 2 am.

Even during the night we are together, holding hands.  Thing 3 is slowly transitioning to the outside world.

Over Easter weekend Thing 3 looked rather gorgeous in their bunny print romper suit. 

Easter was spent with family and Thing 3 fully enjoyed their first Easter, spending most of it asleep.

Their colic has started to get worse and often has a poorly tummy.  Not able to lie down without the pain setting in so we have started using a sling a lot more during the day.  This means I can have my hands free in order to play with the girls.

Night time is the worst time for his colic and the only thing that seems to be working is Mummy cuddles.  We have tried Infacol, Dentinox and Gripe water but all make him really sick.  Coelief doen't help either so we have resulted in changing his formula to comfort milk and are hoping this works.

We are having more periods of awake now which is great and you can really see Thing 3 taking in his surroundings.  Listening to voices and watching lights.

His favourite thing to watch is his train set and he lies watching the trains go round.

Before the girls went back to school we spend the last day of the school holidays on a walk with Grandma and the first time Thing 3 went to feed the ducks.

The girls went back to school and Thing 3 started falling into a really nice routine.  Sleeping from 9-11.30 which meant I got a nice nap in the mornings. 

Then spending an hour or so playing with his sister before having a nap before the school run

We seem to have 2 really bad days in the week were colic is really bad before a few less unsettled days.  The sling seems to work really well at helping to ease the discomfort 

The girls are still really besotted by him and want to help whenever possible.  They love to come home from school for cuddles.

We love spending our mornings having a nap together

Both dogs love him and take a very protective role over him.

Thing 3 is growing up far too quickly and changing every day.  Now preferring to stretch and take up all space, rather than curl into a ball.

Both girls smiled at 5 weeks so I am now crossing my fingers that Thing3 smiles soon!

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