Wooden play with Casdon

We love wooden toys.  There is just something so special about wooden toys.  May is Casdon Wooden toy month and to celebrate we have been testing out their wooden kitchen set.

The wooden kitchen is bright, colourful and comes with a whole range of items.  Everything from pots and pans, to pizza and egg.  What makes this wooden kitchen unique is that all the items can be stored inside the oven when not in use and then carried with the handle on the side.

The oven door is really easy to open, yet remains closed when carried.  The attention to detail is beautiful with the paintings continuing inside as well as on the sides.

There is minimal set up required so play can start straight away.  

The girls love the wooden kitchen set.  My youngest has even carried it to school as she enjoys playing with it that much.

The wooden kitchen set from Casdon is really beautiful.  There are some great finishing touches and attention to detail that make this wooden kitchen set something special. 

Thanks to Casdon for sending over the Kitchen set, all words are my own opinion. 

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