Review : Drawy Book

I really love apps that allow children to be creative.  This is most certainly the case with the Drawy book app from Bic.  The app allows children to have their drawings come to life.  

The app is free to download and simple to navigate.  The main screen can be rotated and children can explore the whole virtual room, even clicking on certain items.

We had two options to select either free hand drawing or to follow the story of Marty and the alien. 

The story is read out loud and whilst it is a good pace there is no skip option, so you do have to listen to it all.  There are handy hints and tips explaining how the app works, which is great and helps you to understand what to do.  I love that there was always the option to obtain help if needed.

At certain points in the story you are asked to draw an item.  We were asked to draw alien snacks, and this is what my youngest designed. 

Within the design you have the option to edit your creation.  In here you can add stickers to further customise your drawing.

The app is a great way to combine drawing and virtual reality.  Both girls find it great fun to play and I love that it sparks creativity and imagination in them. 

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