Bluebells and bubbles

Little man has taken to cat napping which means he sleeps for 5 minute periods at a time.  He is therefore in a constant state of tiredness.  Saturday was a rather unproductive day as a result but I guess after the excitement of the past two days it is to be expected.

After a nice lie in on Sunday we decided to go on a walk looking for bluebells.  The girls were incredibly excited and we did not have to look too far to find some.

We played in the woods for a short time, and tried our best to escape the many midges that seemed to be circling around us.  We headed for the field as the girls had brought some bubbles with them.

We had left little man at home in the hope he would get a little bit of rest.  The first thing the girls wanted to do when they came home was give him a cuddle.  He gave them a big smile, I think they had all missed each other!

This day I love Bluebells and bubbles 

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