A vets kitchen challenge

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For the past 30 days J and spotty dog have been taking part in a vets kitchen challenge. You may have seen our weekly updates on social media. The challenge was to see how our dogs enjoyed vets kitchen food.

To give you some background spotty dog has food allergies. We discovered this as a pup and she cannot have wheat or diary and some grains upset her tummy. As a result her food needs to be tailored for her allergies and we need to check the ingredients carefully. Certain brands of food really upset her tummy, so we need to be careful. J is a typical terrier and will eat anything, unfortunately this has resulted in a very extensive operation to his stomach where a piece of plastic ball got stuck over the valve of his stomach meaning he was constantly sick. Since then some foods irritate his stomach and he will be sick. He also does not like to eat certain foods if he finds them too hard.

Finding foods for our dogs and to suit both of them can be tricky. We were therefore incredibly excited to try vets kitchen as they promised not only hypo-allergenic but also sensitive foods sourced from all natural ingredients. Vets kitchen is developed by vets know how and they are passionate about keeping pets healthy. Combining their veterinary expertise with latest technology means they have developed a range of food, treats and supplements suitable for even the most sensitive of tummies.

Our first week on vets kitchen and J was attacked by another dog whilst not in my care. He came home covered in blood with deep teeth marks over his body. Luckily one of the bites missed his eye and none needed stitches. A trip to the vets and with medication we were told to come back in a few days to see how his wounds were healing.

On our return visit the vet was surprised at how well everything was healing, especially for a 7 year old Jack Russell. He commented on how well his teeth and coat looked and we were discharged, saying whatever we were doing was working well.

J has finished every bowl we have put down and for a fussy eater this is impressive. He has also not been sick which shows me it is gentle on his delicate tummy. Spotty dog has also done really well with her allergies and had no reactions to vet kitchen food.

Rating the food in a 5 paws rating

Digestion - 5 paws [neither dog has had any problems]
Coat quality - 5 paws [ both dogs coats look great]
Skin condition - 5 paws
Temperament - 5 paws

The dogs have loved their vet kitchen challenge. As an owner I have been impressed with not only how it has been with the dogs but also the fact the bag is easy to open and has a resealable tab. This makes storage easy. A bag lasts approximately 10 days for 2 dogs so I would guess easy lasts for 2 weeks as stated in the bag for 1 dog. I would certainly recommended vets kitchen

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  1. We've been trying their treats and glucosamine and they have both gone down so, so well too (we didn't go for the food as they had just transitioned to a new one)
    Hope J is all back to being healthy now too. x


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