Today we braved the very wet weather and headed over to Leeds for Geronimo festival.

The girls were very excited at the prospect of seeing some of their TV favourites including Justin and Mr Bloom.  The activities listed sounded amazing motorcycle displays, jousting, dog agility, circus, and fairground rides.  Here is a quick 30 seconds of our day

For us the main stage was a little too low and too small so we watched the acts on the tv screen instead.  The girls did not want to stand out in the cold so we took the opportunity to see some of the shows inside.  Professor pumpernickel was one of the girls favourites and the dancing.  I was pleased to see that there were some events taking place inside as well.  The cold wet weather was making for a miserable day, but we were determined to make the most of it.  The girls did not want to queue for any of the outside events as they were too cold so instead we walked around and did what we could inside.

It is such a shame the weather was miserable because both my husband and I agree that if it had been sunny it would have been an amazing day out.  Had the weather had been better we would have taken a picnic and avoided the long food queue, and if the weather had been nice the girls would have entertained themselves whilst we queued for a ride.  We could have done with a map so we knew where the different zones were, however any staff member we asked was extremely polite and helpful.  

The girls have asked if they can go back when it is not cold, so I know they can see how much fun it could be.  Next time we will take a picnic and we shall return when the sunshines!

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  1. Great to read this, thanks. We intended on going but, in fairness, completely forgot! Shame about the rain, but it's not often the rain can dampen the spirits of kids at these things!

  2. Aww.. it is a shame about the weather. I am glad the girls (and you) still had some fun. Lovely video - those trapeze artists look amazing! Thanks for linking up with #YorkshireFamily


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