A surprise delivery

I love it when an unexpected parcel arrives.  It feels like Christmas as you begin to open the box to reveal the mystery contents.  The anticipation and guess work as to the contents before the big reveal.  I was pleasantly surprise when I opened the box to reveal three items from the brand new toTs by smarTrike range.

Baby was due to have a nap so the package arrived just in time for nap time.  This gave us the perfect excuse to use the new comforter.

This has to be one of the softest comforters I have felt.  Incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch, it is perhaps no wonder Baby felt secure and ready for a sleep

The long cuddly ears of the blanket comforter soon had baby drifting off into the land of nod.

I took the opportunity to examine the rest of the parcel.  A cotton soft towel in a gorgeous blue, the photos really do not do it justice and the most amazing changing bag.

Baby looks really rather cute after his bath wrapped up in his towel.  The towel is a great length and should last well into toddler hood.

The changing bag is fantastic, along with things you would expect, a changing mat and insulated bottle pockets, there are many other great features.  There are lots of additional zipped pockets, including a few hidden pockets.  The zip goes across the bag diagonally making it easier to locate items and there is plenty of storage space inside.  I love that it comes with straps to attach to a buggy and straps to convert to a shoulder bag or you can wear it as a rucksack.  

Included with the bag is a insulated bottle bag and a smaller bag should you wish to carry just a few nappies and wipes.  If I could design a changing bag this is what I would design.

Thank you smarTrike!

I have chosen to write this post and have not been asked to do so, although the items were sent to me. 

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