Three months

Three months has simply flown by.  Little man is changing day by day, and his little personality is beginning to shine through.  It feels as if he has always been here, and has just slotted into our family.  Since we have got on top of his silent reflux he is happy, smiley and trying his hardest to giggle!

He still has some way to go to recover the huge weight loss but we are getting there.  

Little man likes his hands to be held whilst he goes to sleep, and he is a really good sleeper at night.  During the day there is just too much happening and he is not one for day naps, although he does try.  He currently has around 5-6oz of milk every 3 hours in the day, then goes 10-4 most nights, sometimes until 5 or 6, before starting back on every 3 hours.

The girls love him and want to be involved in every part of his life.  They help with bath times and some of his feeds.  They get upset when he cries and just simply want to help.

He can now roll from his tummy to his back, and is so desperate to get from back to front.  This past week he has discovered his hands, and finds them so fascinating to look at. 

I cannot wait to see how he changes over the next three months.

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  1. Aww he's gorgeous. Reading this makes me realise how much baby is actually doing. My babba is 3.5 months (now) too x


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