LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ 4D: The Book of Creativity at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester

As part of our ambassador program with LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester we were invited to view the new 4D film LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ 4D: The Book of Creativity before it opened to the public.  The girls had never seen a 4D movie before and so I was very excited to see what they would make of it.

Little man came with us too for his first visit to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester, the girls have visited before but a lot has changed since our last visit.  We began our visit by watching the new 4D film.  The girls put on their 3D glasses and waited for the film to begin.  Little man simply was taken in by all the bright shiny lights and seemed a bit confused by the effects of the film.

The girls jumped and cheered and became really engrossed in the film.  The 3D film was enhanced with water, snow and other elements, which I think added to the atmosphere for the girls.  They cheered for the knights to defeat Jestro, the Book of Monsters and all their Lava Monsters and they fully enjoyed the whole 12 minutes of the film.  Afterwards they said it was amazing and wanted to watch it again.

The centre had not yet opened to the public so we made the most of our time and explored.  The girls were in their element.  They both love LEGO® and wasted no time in building.  The lack of queues also meant they could go on the rides.

Little man also seemed to be loving the look of LEGO® and I can see all three of my children playing with LEGO®.

We had a wonderful day out together and are so proud to be LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester ambassadors.

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