Zubu baby

One of the things I love about the baby show is discovering new brands.  Zubu baby was one such brand I met this year.  I was instantly drawn into their stand, stripes and more stripes.  I love stripes!  I was then offered to feel one of their sleepsuits, thinking this was a little strange but I obliged and then I was hooked.  I could not stop stroking this sleepsuit.

Zubu baby make beautiful bamboo baby wear.  The bamboo/organic cotton mix is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static so it is great for both sensitive and baby skin. Bamboo clothing is breathable in summer and warmer in winter than traditional fabrics which makes it great for babies too.  It is incredibly soft to the touch and really smooth, so no itchy bits!  Bamboo clothing is therefore ideal for babies soft delicate skin.

The sleepsuits fasten up one sides using poppers, and the bright red stripe stands out against the blue and white stripes.  The poppers make it easy for nappy changing and for getting baby dressed.

Little man found the sleepsuits comfortable and had no problems taking his morning nap whilst wearing them.

He also woke up incredibly happy, which suggests he finds them comfortable to wear

 The sleepsuits both wash and dry really well, which I really love.  Zubu baby sleepsuits are one of the softest sleepsuits we have ever had and Little man really is comfy in them.

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