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At 16 weeks old Little man seems to finally be on top of his colic.  It is noted that around 12-14 weeks most babies grow out of colic, and whilst this could be this case it might also be down to a number of products we found to help.

The girls never suffered with colic, so I never understood what it was like until Little Man started with it.  It is horrible to watch your child in so much pain and do nothing to console them.  You feel helpless and completely useless.  Their little bodies twisting in discomfort you just want to cuddle them until the pain subsides.  I am so relieved that we seem to be at the other end now, both for us and for Little man.  Our colic journey did lead us to discover some great items which really did help.

Swoon bubble

The Swoon bubble from Babymoov was a real lifesaver.  The deep seat holds Little Man so he feels snug and secure, as if he is held.  The seat is wipe clean which is also great with a baby who has reflux as well as colic.  The seat can be adjusted to a more upright position or if asleep laid down, and the swinging motion helped to relieve those colic symptoms.  

Little Man seemed to always begin the bad parts of his colic around 5pm, which would also coincide with cooking dinner.  We have the Babymoov swoon bubble in the kitchen so at this time he can watch us getting dinner ready and then the swinging motion would send him to sleep, and help with his colic symptoms.  I am not sure how we would have coped without the swoon bubble, probably eaten a lot more takeaways with a very grumpy unsettled baby. 

Cosy dream

The Cosy dream is also a Babymoov product.  Cosy dream is placed in babies bed, the breathable mattress providing comfort and support, whilst also preventing flat head.  The adjustable sides give baby comfort so they feel as if they are being held.  The positioning of the legs helps to aid digestion and reduces colic.  

I was a little dubious at first to if this would make any difference, but since using it Little Man only wakes once in the night and is much more content when sleeping.  It is machine washable and does dry very quick which means you can wash and dry in the same day.  


I found a warm bath before bed would really help little man.  Making the water deep so the warmth of the water was over his tummy seemed to really help his pain.  It would also help with releasing some of the trapped wind, which in turn helped his discomfort.  The Shnuggle bath uses less water than a conventional baby bath, is much easier to hold baby and allows the water to cover babies tummy, which helps with colic.  

Little man has had a bath every night as it would really help with his colic in an evening.  He now associates his bath with sleep and upon leaving his bath starts rubbing his eyes to get ready for bed.


In all honesty I never wanted to give Little Man a dummy, although now I am glad I did.  When his colic got really painful he found great comfort in sucking his dummy.  You would see his body begin to twist and then the dummy move rapidly and the pain would disappear right in front of your eyes.  Almost melting away.  It is not a sleep aid, but is used when he is in discomfort and needs that extra relief.  I am so glad we gave him something to help.

Nuby 360

Little man not only suffered with colic but also silent reflux.  He has numerous medications and special milk in order to try and keep his milk down, and to reduce the discomfort he feels.  The new 360 bottles from Nuby have been a great help as they help to reduce both colic and reflux.  The bottle is unique in that it can be used anyway up, as it has a special straw/pipe inside the bottle.  This therefore means there is less build up of air so colic is reduced and because baby can be kept upright to feed it helps to reduce reflux.  I have made a video showing the 360 in action and it will be coming live soon on my YouTube channel. 

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