Into dreamland, a SnüzPod review.

On the 2nd March 2016 our baby boy arrived into the world.  He made a dramatic entry arriving at home and back to back.  We had not planned on a home birth and were completely taken by surprise, later learning that an ambulance was on stand by.  Baby boy, known as Little man, has spent every night of his life next to me and every night holding my hand and looking into my eyes as he drifts to sleep.

Little Man is such a good sleeper, a very happy and content baby.  Now his reflux and colic are under control he sleeps from 7pm - 10pm and then again after his feed until around 4/5am.  He will then go back to sleep until 7/8am.  I think the reason he sleeps so well is he can see me, smell me and reach me.  He feels comfort and reassurance that I am there, knowing I have always been there.  Without our SnüzPod none of this would have been possible.

I remember the day the SnüzPod arrived.  My Dad rushed over eager to assemble the crib ready for his new grandchild.  I filmed assembling the crib but thanks to a corrupt SD card have lost the footage.  In what seemed to be no time at all I was looking at the place baby would sleep, and as my bump peered over it all became very real.

A few weeks later and Little man arrived.  The SnüzPod became the first place he rested his head, after skin to skin.  It has become his space and the only place he has ever known at night.

The first week flew past.  Waking every few hours to be fed, but having him right there next to me made it much easier.  

In the early days as he started to stir, I would reach across and gently stroke his cheek sending him back to sleep.  The open side of the SnüzPod allowing me direct contact without having to sit up, or my arm hurting as it dangled over the side.

As he got older he began to like his hand holding as he drifted off to sleep.  The SnüzPod is height adjustable meaning I could have him on the same level as me.  Perfect for holding hands, as I can lie down next to him and watch him fall asleep.

Should I desire I can zip up the side and still see him through the mesh panel, but to be truthful I prefer not to do this.  I like having the side down so I can watch him whilst he sleeps.  I enjoy the closeness it brings and the security it gives him knowing I am there.

I love that we hold hands as he sleeps. I love that I can provide him comfort with ease

The SnüzPod fits securely to the side of the bed, so it will not move away which gives peace of mind when the side is down.

As babies under 6 months should sleep in the same room as their parents, even during the day, the SnüzPod can also be lifted and used in another room.  The crib can be used with or without the stand, and has a gentle rocking action off the stand.  Although the stand can also act as a rocker.  Whilst easy to carry, it can sometimes be a little fiddly putting the SnüzPod back onto the base.

Dependant on where I am in the house, I either carry the top part of the SnüzPod downstairs for Little Man, or place him in the SnüzPod as it is attached to my bed if upstairs.  Either way he always wakes up happy.

The SnüzPod has given Little man his own space, and a place for him to feel secure and at the same time a space for him to still be a part of everything.  His sisters love to lie on my bed next to him, they can talk to him and play with him and he is in a much safer place than just on the bed or the floor.

I was always really nervous of co-sleeping, scared I would roll over onto him or suffocate him with my pillow or blankets.  Worried he would overheat or get hurt.  The SnüzPod allows me to have the best of both worlds, Little Man is in his own space and yet he is close to me like co-sleeping. He has his own blanket or sleeping bag and we hold hands most of the night.

Both girls were incredibly bad sleepers, and I simply cannot believe the difference with Little Man.

The SnüzPod gives Little Man a safe place to sleep and somewhere he feels secure and he knows that at any moment he can reach out and touch me.  We love the portability and that it can be attached to any bed.  Everything has been thought out with peace of mind from sleeping to storage, everything is close by and to hand.

The past four months have simply flown by and we are ever so thankful to have been part of the Snüz Momma project.  I only wish they made a SnüzPod as a cot because I am going to miss my Little Man next to me as I sleep

It would appear that the girls have taken a liking to the SnüzPod too, and have tried to create their own!  I wonder if they could make one for dolls?

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