Upcycle day

Up-cycling is about giving an item a new purpose.  It is not always about making an item more beautiful but simply reusing to stop an item going into waste.  The girls have a little wooden box for which we lost the lid, and for some time I have been wanting to make it more useful.  It seemed a shame to simply throw it away.  I decided to turn it into something the girls could get much more use out of.  I gathered together a selection of Rustoleum Aerosols and began to get to work.

I began by spraying the wooden box with white surface primer this was to ensure an even finish with the colour.

Once dry I gave the box two coats of blue paint, leaving it to dry in between

Before finally giving the middle two coats of chalkboard paint

The girls now have a chalk board and I plan to use it with my youngest to help her practise letter formation.  The girls have already started using it as a tray to carry items which I think is another wonderful use. I am so glad we decided to up-cycle our wooden box!

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