Just keep colouring

This morning we went for a run and assumed the weather would remain nice for the rest of the day, unfortunately we could not have been more wrong.  The rain came and just would not stop, so in a bid to keep the girls entertained we opened our 80 piece colouring activity set from BIC Kids. 

The kit has everything for wipe-able felt pens to easy to sharpen pencils, including and Alvin and the Chipmunk activity book.  The girls were very excited and could not wait to begin

One of the nice things about the kit is it keeps everything neat and organised.  The girls can easily see the colours and the colours are easy to get out.  It also helped us when tidying up as we could quickly see if any were missing.

The girls spent the afternoon colouring and completing the various activities in their BIC kit.  They both worked together and I had no arguing from them over a colour pencil, which is always a bonus.  

The BIC colouring pack was carefully tidied up after by the girls and has been stored safely for tomorrow.

Thank you to BIC for sending the colouring pack

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