The first and the Stick Man

We arrived home at 9.30 last night and I was exhausted.  It had been an amazing day, the first day in a long time that the sun had shined and we had very little rain.  In fact it only rained whilst we were in the car travelling.  Our day started early, why is it the kids seem to wake up at 6am on a weekend but you have to drag them out of bed on a weekday?  We made our way over to Nostell Priory for their first ever Junior parkrun.  

It was a fantastic atmosphere and with over 100 junior runners well attended.  Both girls took part, with my eldest really enjoying herself and seemingly in her element.

Wanting to make the most of our day we headed over to Dalby forest after parkrun.  

We decided to have a 'stick' themed day.  Taking part in the Stick man trail and the Stick man games, as well as a few other fun things to do with sticks.  

The first thing to do with sticks is of course build a den.

Of course you can also throw them like a javelin 

Sticks can be used to draw in the mud and to build nests, 

Sticks can also cause a lot of excitement

Especially when it is Stick man.

Sticks are really good for walking with

Sticks are good for building towers with

The girls found Stick man hiding all along the trail

Although they were so busy looking for sticks and Stick man, they may have missed another creature in the Deep Dark wood.

One of the girls favourite things to do with sticks is to play pooh sticks. 

We did take some time out from our stick hunting for a quick group photo. 

The girls did find Stick man having a cuddle with the Gruffalo child.

The girls found a large tree which looked a lot like Stick man and was perfect for exploring

Sticks are also good for jumping over, jumping towards and measuring how high you can jump

It would appear that sticks are very useful, and ceratainly a good way to keep busy

After our Stick man trail we decided to have some fun with the stick man games

We all had a fantastic day at Dalby forest.  The girls loved the freedom to explore and hunting for Stick man.  We returned home exhausted but really happy after a wonderful day together. 

This day I love the first and the Stick man.

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