Review : Gtech Cordless Lawn Mower

I was always really scared of cutting our grass in case I cut the cord.  Silly as that may sound, I would spend ages moving the cord out of the way and trying to continue to cut the grass.  I can only image that it sometimes must have looked a right juggling act, as I threw the power cord to one side and struggled to continue to cut the grass.

The Gtech Cordless lawn mower runs on a powerful 36V Lithium-ion battery which gives up to 40 minutes run-time – enough to mow 384m2 (4,132ft2) or the average garden twice on a single charge.  There are no cables to keep constantly moving out of the way, and I found it much quicker to cut the grass as a result.

The large wheels made the Gtech cordless lawn mower easy to push, and although we were cutting on damp grass encountered little problems in manoeuvring the lawn mower. 

The Gtech cordless Lawn mower feels a good comfortable size when pushing across the lawn.  It does not feel big and bulky and it is easy to see where the front of the mower is in order to make judgements of cutting the edge of the grass.

The compartment holds 40L of cuttings and there is a clever flap which lifts up to say when it is full.  The storage bin is easy to remove and re attach, and the handle to do is is also of a good size. 

The charge in the battery can be checked at any time by pressing the green button, and I particularly like this as I can then decide if to take a break whilst charging, or if there is enough to continue.  The Gtech cordless lawn mower also has 6 height adjustments, between 3cm and 8cm.  This is done by simply moving the handle up or down.

There was some charge available in the battery out of the box, but to get a full battery is 5 hours charging time.  The Gtech cordless lawn mower has no assembly [other than putting the storage compartment and battery on].  It is worth noting that if the handle is not fully extended and clipped into place the Lawn mower will not start.

Starting the Lawn mower is also really easy, a push button and a pull of a lever, this is a great safety feature to stop the girls playing with the lawn mower.  The handle is comfortable to hold and is slightly padded. 

Another great feature of the Gtech is that when it is not in use it can be folded down so if space is a premium, particularly in garden shed, the Gtech would be perfect. 

The Gtech cordless lawn mower makes cutting the lawn a lot easier, it is simple to use and has different heights to suit different lawns and preferences.

I am looking forward to nicer weather so I can get out and cut the grass again!

Keep on eye on my YouTube channel for a video coming soon!

Thanks to Gtech for sending the Cordless lawn mower to review, all words are my own opinion 

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