Welcome to the Casdon Restaurant

My friend and I had met for dinner at a new restaurant in town, Casdon, we were shown to our seats and a friendly waitress asked us for our order.

Our order was taken to the kitchen so that food preparation could begin.  Our order was discussed in great details to ensure all requested items were available and the best way to cook our dinner.

Using the Casdon Oven and Microwave, our food was carefully prepared.  The girls chatting away to each other discussing different food options.  

Waiting patiently for each item to cook before cooking the next.

Working together as a group to get everything ready

The cooks worked together using the oven, grill and microwave.

Whilst others carefully chopped the ingredients ready for the cooks to use

Each item was sampled by the chief tester

Any adjustments were carefully made

Before food was plated up and ready to be served. 

After a rather lovely meal at Casdon restaurant, it was time for a cup of tea before heading home.

Thank you to Casdon for providing the Oven to feature in our Casdon restaurant. 

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