A walk in the woods

I recently found out about a free event in Manchester which encouraged kids to get muddy, messy and explore the outdoors.  The event sounded fantastic and so we ordered tickets.  We arrived in Manchester, after an hours drive, and whilst the event was there, there was no direction, no instructions and we had no idea what we were supposed to be doing.  Instead we made our own fun.

We explored the woods, built dens and even went on a nature hunt.  We made letters from twigs and even wrote our name in the mud.  We also tried some of the activities from this handbook I found on Haven Holidays. 

 We were all very disappointed about the event, but we made the most of our time outdoors.  It wasn't the afternoon we had planned, and to be honest we could have done the same closer to home, but we had a great time together and the girls love spending time with Grandma.

This day I love a Walk in the woods

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