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This year has flown, and I cannot believe that in two weeks school breaks up for summer. I am excited that we will be spending time together, and also looking forward to our summer adventures. Before summer holidays begin we of course have the end of term and with that comes the gifts for teachers. This is an area I really struggle with. For me a gift should be something you have put thought into for that person, but really how well do I know my daughters teachers. More to the point who do you buy a present for. My eldest has a dedicated teacher and teaching assistant but I know in that class there are more members of staff who have supported her. My youngest has changed teachers, but the teacher she started with is still working in the school. It all becomes very complicated.

I have been hunting high and low for gift ideas and stumbled across find a present. Find a present have over 74,000 gift ideas. Which means there has to be something to suit everyone. The site is set out into categories to find a present for him or her or birthday or wedding etc, or there is the option to search for a gift. There are presents categorise by budget or their uniqueness and there really is something for every one.

I searched the site for teacher ideas and one of my favourites was the self stirring mug. Most people buy teachers a mug but this one was a little different and I thought would be a novel gift for most staff rooms. Another gift was the tealight light bulb holders. I thought a light bulb was a sign of a great idea and teachers inspire great ideas, it would therefore make a great teacher gift.

With over 74,000 ideas there is something to suit every teacher, what would you buy to say thank you to yours?

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