Family fun with Roxy Juniors

It only feels like yesterday that I took my eldest bowling for the first time and ever since that moment she has been hooked.  For her birthday she wants to bowl, and given the opportunity would go bowling every day.  An invite therefore to a Roxy Juniors event could not be turned down, and it goes without saying that she was very excited to be at Roxy Lanes in Leeds to bowl.

We had visited Roxy lanes before, and love the layout and design of the alley.  The girls were excited and could not wait to start bowling.  We had been paired with the lovely Nikki and her family, do go check out her blog here and soon the bowling began.

The two families bowled together and we all cheered each other, there was no competitiveness and we all simply enjoyed the game.  We celebrated and high five each other, jumped for joy and simply enjoyed ourselves.  

One of the great things about bowling is that it gets everyone working and playing together, and it is wonderful watching the girls interact with their Daddy.

It was such a wonderful morning, time spent as a family and time spent with friends.  A perfect start to the weekend

This day I love Family Fun with Roxy Juniors. 

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