A new partnership for Little Man

Little Man seems to be changing so quickly at the minute.  Every day he seems to be developing a new skill or working towards a new milestone.  It seems fitting that to mark the next stage in his development we will be teaming up with GUMIGEM® as one of their Ambassadors.
gumigem ambassador
GUMIGEM® are perfect for Little Man, and a perfect fit for this blog.  They are a UK based family run company who specialise in silicon jewellery.  This is perfect for babies to nibble on, grab, chew and play with.  Although the necklaces are to be worn by an adult and not left with the baby, but the bangles are suitable for independent play.  Little Man is currently in the grab everything and eat it phase, much to his sisters annoyance as he tries to eat their hair.

We are incredibly pleased to be be working with GUMIGEM® over the next 12 months and cannot wait to share with you some of their amazing products over on Instagram, and other social channels.  GUMIGEM® have also recently updated their website which also features the other 9 ambassadors, why not head over and take a look.

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