A model for the day.

Through this blog we are ever so lucky to experience some amazing opportunities.  This day I love is for my children, a way for them to reflect on our adventures together and to remember our everyday.  It has created some wonderful memories for them, each one special and each one still talked about as if it just happened.  As this day I love was started when my youngest was 6 months old, she has grown up with a camera continuously taking photos of her and I guess in some ways both girls have come to see photography as a normal part of their day to day life.  This has huge advantages as they are very comfortable in front of a camera.

Little Man and the girls have been asked to be the face of a few companies in the past, and have their images used on various websites and in print, all with my permission.  Two local companies have also chosen to use them to advertise their services this week.  It makes, me incredibly proud as a parent to see how happy it makes my children when others comment on their wonderful personalities and their beauty.  Their beautiful personalities shine through.

Today we were invited to the studios of Sandra Ford Photography in Ryhill, Yorkshire.  We were given a tour of their studios and it almost made me want another baby just to make use of their gorgeous newborn baby studio!  All of the children were made to feel incredibly welcome and Little Man took a very big liking to Kristina.

It was soon down to business and all three children behaved incredibly well, although Little Man did try to make a few escape attempts.

Photoshoot 1

Siblings photo shoot

Photo shoot

Photos for Sandra Ford

The finished photos will be on display in the offices of Sandra Ford Photography, the preview images look stunning.  We all had a wonderful experience and were made to feel incredibly welcome by the whole team.

This day I love a model for the day

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