A primula picnic

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The girls love a picnic and with the nice weather the past week we have had a picnic everyday for lunch. I find the girls eat better when it is a picnic. I think they like the choice and variety, and that they can pick and choose items. Everything is kept finger sized and easy to eat, and I think they love eating outdoors on their very own picnic table.

The girls have certain requests for their picnic, they like olives, cucumbers, bite size cheese, crisps, pepper, pickled onions and pieces of sausage. Each cut into bite size chunks and severed in either divider plates or individual bowls. I also like to add different items, dependant on what I have in, or experiment with flavours to see what the girls like.

One of our recent experiments for our picnic has been using primula cheese. Primula cheese comes in a variety of flavours. Perfect therefore for squeezing into bowls and dipping bread sticks, olives, celery or other nibbles into. If you had a little more time to prepare food in advance the girls also really like cheese and corn muffins.

They are really simple to make, and if you think a little like small omelettes. I break 6 eggs into a bowl, add a tin of sweet corn and a squeeze of primula cheese. Mix it all well and place mixture into muffin tray. Bake in oven at 200c for 30 minutes, or until centre is cooked. The girls call these cheese and egg muffins, but they are really bite sized omelettes perfect for snacking and for picnics. You could even change the ingredients to what you have in.

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