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During my pregnancy I had to wear a support band, I had torn all my abdominal muscles and suffered with diastasis recti and this was an attempt to not make the situation worse. Once little man was born I remember standing up and feeling like I could not breathe. My whole abdominal area felt strange, and not because I had just had a baby. I felt like nothing was supported internally and the breathing pain got worse.

It was discovered that because of the damage I had caused to my abdominal muscles during pregnancy and the fact they had been supported for nine months, going straight to no support was not advised. Instead I needed to invest in a waist trainer and support until, at the very least, the diastasis recti began to heal and my abdominal muscles regained strength.

I discovered waist trainers come in all shapes and sizes. There are ones which fasten at the front, others at the back, some with Velcro and some with clasps. Others you put on like a vests and others are like large bands. A waist trainer needs to suit your individual needs and style. The best thing is to try them. I found that I personally prefer a vest or corset style, as I found others would ride up and irritate me as the day went on. I found the type of material also mattered, some proving too itchy and others making me sweat too much.

Waist trainers are not only good for providing the support needed after pregnancy, but also help give your body shape. Whilst not important for some, other people feel quite down about their post pregnancy body shape and something like a waist trainer can help give you a confidence boost. A good waist trainer is therefore worth the investment for after pregnancy.

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