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Little man is now 5 months old, time seems to have flown. It is recommended that for the first 6 months he sleeps in the same room as me, which means in age he is almost ready to move into his own room. His room has been ready for him since I was pregnant, but I don't think I am quite ready for him not to be at the side of me.

We recently had to put the sides up on our SnüzPod as little man now rolls around in his sleep. He is a very fidgety sleeper and rolls onto his tummy himself to get comfy. I am missing having the sides down, so I am not sure how I am going to cope with him in a different room.

To help me feel more confident we have a video and sensor monitor from Tommee Tippee. This is important to me for several reasons, the first I can see him at all times, hear him and the sensor picks up on his movement. The sensor mat is positioned under the mattress and does take some assembly to get the mat setup correctly.  This is because it is important to make sure the cord is tight, as movement from the cord could be misread by the pad as movement from the baby.

The baby unit is then positioned in the room watching baby.

The parent unit then displays the video of little man sleeping or playing or whatever he is up to in his cot.

The parent unit displays a crystal clear image, and so far we have had no drop out or interference. The audio is clear, as if in the same room, and I can still hear him shuffling around as he sleeps. I have been putting him in his cot to nap in the day, whilst staying upstairs and testing out the monitor.  I also love that there is a zoom function on the parent unit, allowing me to zoom right into him to get a closer look at him 

Whilst mentally I might not be ready for little man to move into his own room, at least I know when he does I will be able to see and hear him as if he was still right there next to me.

Thank you to Tommee Tippee for sending the monitor, all words are my own opinion

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