Capturing mini moments with Tommee Tippee

Having three children I can hand on heart say parenting is a roller coaster journey.  It has some amazing highs first steps, first words, first cuddle, first moment they look at you, first tastes, and some not so great lows.  Parenting is also an emotional roller coaster journey, torn between letting each age pass to looking forward to new adventures.  Watching a child grow and develop is a journey like no other, and one which I have the privilege to do three times.

Tommee Tippee have for some time had their #parenton campaign.  A campaign which says trust your instincts and all a baby needs is you.  A campaign I am proud to have worked on.  Now Tommee Tippee are launching their mini moments!  Mini Moments include 20 beautifully illustrated cards to capture those momentous occasions and 20 real-life cards to capture the often humorous lows of parenting.  Simply place the cards next to baby, take a photo and share instant memories with friends and family.

Tommee Tippee mini moment cards

To celebrate Tommee Tippee are giving away 10,000 of these milestone cards during the Asda baby and toddler event, alternatively you could win 1 with me.  They make a perfect gift for any new parent and they are a perfect way to record the highs and lows of parenting!

not slept a wink

I have 5 packs in total to giveaway and will draw 5 winners at random to each receive 1 pack.  Full terms and conditions are on the widget below.  

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  1. We are due our miracle in 14 days via csection = this would be amazing :D


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