Joolz Essentials - blanket

Joolz recently launched its Joolz Essentials range.  One of the items in this range is its 100% organic cotton blanket. The blanket has a gorgeous honeycomb pattern on one side and a soft jersey lining on the underside, making it perfect to use at any time of day or night.

Little man took to the soft textured feel of the blanket and finds it comforting to hold as he sleeps.

The blanket is of a good weight, which surprised me, and this perhaps helps to show its quality.  There is very little Joolz branding on the blanket, just a very subtle tag on one side.

The blanket is crib size, so it perfect for Little man at the minute.  We use it whilst we are out in the car too, over him in the car seat, or when he is in the pushchair.  As he grows I can see it becoming his comfort blanket.

Little man certainly loves the comfort he gets from his Joolz Essentials blanket

Thanks to Joolz for sending the blanket for review, all words are my own opinion 

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