I am a Tonka Tough Mother

I am incredibly pleased to announce that I am working with Tonka as one of their Tonka Tough Mothers.  Tonka is a well known and trusted name in the metal toy industry, with over 70 years in the industry.  Tonka believe that their toys should be strong, sturdy and built to last and I still have some of my Tonka toys from my childhood.  Their vehicles are made from real steel and in a variety of cranes, trucks and other vehicles, making them highly collectable.  I loved playing with the Tonka construction trucks as a child and cannot wait for my children to do the same.

Tonka design their vehicles to last a life time and I hope that my children will be able to pass their Tonka toys on, should they have children.  We will be reviewing a selection from the Tonka range over the next 12 months and we received our first Tonka vehicle from the classic Tonka steel range this week.

Our Tonka vehicle is the classic Mighty dump truck.  The large bed moves, allowing items to be tipped out.  The girls discovered that they could sit in this and had great fun pushing each other around.  The wheels are large and sturdy, and can carry the weight of a 6 year old.  The bright yellow makes it appealing to both the girls.

I was concerned that the girls might trap their fingers in the moving bed but I have had a good look and feel and cannot work out how they would, which puts my mind at ease.  I love how the Tonka vehicle lives up to its name, it really is mighty.  Both mighty in size, and mighty in its durability. The girls have taken to using it to transport toys from one room to the other and I cannot wait for them to take it outside and play in the sand and water with it.

We have certainly been impressed with the Tonka Mighty dump truck, from everything from its sturdiness to the intricate details and designs.  This is a wonderful addition to any child who loves vehicles.

Tonka will be launching online at Argos.co.uk soon

We are working with Tonka, all words are my own opinion 

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