Double celebration

We had been invited a few weeks ago to a Num Noms event with Bella Italia.  The date for the event was moved and fell on my daughters birthday.  I asked her what she wanted to do, if she wanted to stay with our original plans of having her friends to play for the day, or to go to the Num Noms event.  She chose to go to the event.

My eldest daughter was incredibly excited as I gathered her, her sister and three of their friends into the car.  I on the other hand was a little apprehensive of the prospect of looking after 6 children all day.  As it was her birthday I put all this to one side and braved the day. 

The event was a perfect day for my eldest daughter, with face painting Num Noms style

Creating your own pizza and of course eating it for lunch.  Followed by a pink princess cake complete with crown!

Everyone joined in the celebrations and sang happy birthday to my daughter.  It really made her day and this was the first thing she told her Dad when he came home from work.  After cake there could only be one option, ice cream!  The huge selection seemed to have everyone mesmerised 

Two hours seemed to simply fly past and it was not long before it was time to go home.  Unfortunately my youngest daughter was not too keen on this idea as she was having too much fun!

This day I love Double celebrations. 

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