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Summer is here and with it I have two very excited children and a small baby to entertain. On an evening we love to relax and unwind with a book. Maverick books have kindly sent us three books to look at, two for the girls and one for little man

The girls have been reading the new book by Alice Hemming, which is the third in the George the giraffe and friends series of books. Already familiar with George and his friends the girls could relate to the characters straight away. George and his friends have a new craze, a trading card collection game. The problem is they need a full set and perhaps the only way to obtain a full set is to work together as a team. One of the aspects I love in this book is reinforcing the importance of sharing and working together, and as the girls already know the characters they relate to the story more.

The girls second book is Not Enough for Queen Fluff by Rachel Lyon. My youngest daughter can be a little diva at times, making demand and shaking her finger. It is all part of growing up and I try to instil good values in her and explain she cannot always have her own way. The same can be said for Queen Fluff, who makes lavish demands but soon realises that there are more important things in life than material possessions. I am hoping this book helps my youngest overcome some of her diva demands

The book for little man is a hard back picture book called animal magic. Little man loves books and looking at the pictures, he is really smitten by the duck page in this book and taps it every time we read the book. The pictures are really appealing to little ones, with contrasting colours and wonderful patterns. The rhymes make it easy and enjoyable to read which is great for bonding and interacting with baby.

Three fantastic books from Maverick, perfect for unwinding in the school holidays!

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