Bath time cuddles

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Little man loves his bath. He usually has a nap until 5.30 and then wakes up for some dinner before a bath at 6.30. He has done this from a very early age and if he does not get his bath he does not sleep well, I think he wakes up looking for it!

Whilst little man loves his bath as a relaxing treat, the girls love their baths to play in. They tend to have s bath in the morning, although it has been known for an early evening bath dependant on how filthy they are. A bath for the girls wake them up, I think they get too excited playing. Once the have finished their bath they love nothing more than cuddles in their super soft bath robes.

Their bath robes also seem to get used as dressing gowns, when they are dry, which is fine as it shows me they find then comfortable and easy to wear. Little man has not quite got to the dressing gown age yet, and instead much prefers to be wrapped up in one of my Egyptian cotton bath towels. Either way the girls and little man give the best after bath cuddles!

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