Our new garden

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As much as I loved our garden there was a lot of wasted space. It looked pretty but it was not practical. Our garden was divided into sections and each one separated by edging. The girls had no room to run and play, as they would trip up over these dividers and it was hard to maintain. This has now all changed and our new garden, is almost ready.

The garden has been made all one level and turfed. This gives the girls much more space to run and play and I now have a dedicated area to plant. I have planted fruit trees and buddleja so far, with my hope to encourage wildlife into the garden. In one corner, and away from the children, I have sunk a bucket in order to encourage frogs and also a place for the birds to drink or bathe if needed.

I plan to create a herb garden and will be writing about this in due course and also add some sensory plants for the girls and Little man. I want our garden to be a space that the children can enjoy but also that we can encourage wildlife into. We already have a squirrel nest in the large sycamore tree and have seen bats flying around at night, often accompanied by the sound of the owl.

During the day we have a robin that comes to visit and I would like to encourage more birds to visit too. For our new garden we have a new bird feeder, in a bid to attract more birds. The wire mesh makes it perfect for filling with seeds and I hope that this design also stops the squirrels stealing the bird food. Our new garden is beginning to take share and I cannot wait for the warmer weather so we can get out and enjoy it more.

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