Finding Dory

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Last Saturday I was really excited and also slightly nervous. We had been invited by specsavers to Disney HQ to watch finding Dory and also see the range of their new finding Dory glasses. I was braving the train journey on my own with three children to London because for me the nerves of travelling on my own we're far outweighed by a desire to see finding Dory and see specsavers new range.

I need not have worried, and would travel again with the children. The whole journey went really smoothly even the underground. The girls wanted to take some selfies to send back to their dad and we passed the time playing games.

We arrived at Disney HQ and whilst I cannot say much, I can say it was magical. The girls pointed out various characters, there were lots of oooo and ahhhhh and I think they were simply excited by what they could see. 

 Their excitement levels rose when they saw face painting

Then even more when they got to try on some of the new frames from specsavers, with the finding Dory characters on.

And more still when they could read books and colour in

After a delicious lunch, to which my youngest wanted to eat all the doughnuts, we entered a private cinema to watch the film in 3d.

Finding dory is another wonderful film from Pixar and Disney, fans of finding Nemo will not be disappointed and those who have never seen Nemo will still love the film. I loved hank the octopus, but you will have to watch the film to see why.

Little man was even amazed by the film, capturing his attentions for most of it and napping the rest. We all had such a fantastic day in London, and would like to say a big thank you to specsavers and Disney for inviting us.

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